What to do in Athens? Travel in Time for Just One Day…

Wondering what to do in Athens? We know for a fact that every single person who visits Greece’s capital spends at least some time exploring the ancient sights that made Athens and Greece famous around the world.

Dress comfortably, ideally wear sneakers too, and head up the Acropolis on foot. It is an enjoyable walk and gets you ‘into the mood’ for seeing the wonders above. Wandering around the Parthenon and the other buildings there is likely to take up the better part of the morning.

To complete the tour of the Acropolis, head on down to the New Acropolis Museum below, where you can see the original statues and what has been recovered. Its also a good place to enjoy a light lunch, all the while enjoying a great view of the Acropolis.

From there walk on through Plaka, where you will quickly stumble into the Roman Forum and the Ancient Agora. The whole area is usually busy with both tourists and Greeks admiring the sites since even the locals never tire of enjoying a few moments of their bygone history. Here you can see the Tower of the Winds, the Stoa of Attalus and so many other famous buildings.

By then it should be close to late afternoon or early evening. If you are up for it, continue your way through Monastiraki and go to the nearby area of Psiri for dinner.

Until a few years ago, Psiri was totally ignored; now it has become one of Athenians’ favourite spots for a night out in the city.

Restaurants are everywhere; small traditional tavernas, stylish ethnic places and more.

Our vote goes to any of the really traditional Greek tavernas – especially the ones full of “noisy” Greeks, who definitely know where the best food is.