Athens Syntagma Square – The Heart of the City!

A walk around Syntagma Square is always high on a list of things to do when visiting central Athens.

Only a few paces away from the Square, in front of the Parliament building, you can see Greek Soldiers dressed up in contemporary uniforms proudly guarding the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

The Greek Parliament as seen from Vassilissis Sophias Avenue
Syntagma Square – The Greek Parliament as seen from Vassilissis Sophias Avenue

Going down Amalias Avenue, you can walk into the beautifully maintained National Gardens.

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The Gardens shelter the Zappeion used as a venue for the first Olympics and named for Evangelos Zappas, who led the movement for the revival of those ancient Games. Nowadays this building is used for public ceremonial events.

Further down, on Amalias Avenue, where it joins Vassillisa Olgas Avenue, you can stop and admire the outside columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, another gift from Hadrian.

From here you can either carry on towards the Acropolis or head back into the many shopping opportunities in and around Ermou Street.