The Durrells filming locations in Corfu!

Almost everyone that has been watching the series The Durrells, often wonders where has it been filmed. Even lovers of Corfu that visit the island year after year have been wondering for some of the places.

So we got a local to share with us all the information that can be shared and the locations that can be visited by all.

in Love with the Med - Corfu, Palace of St. Michael and St. George
Corfu, Palace of St. Michael and St. George (Museum of Asian Art)

The Bank that Mrs Durrell visits to check if their money arrived from Great Britain is filmed at the entrance of the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu. It is the same exact place that Spiro went and got into a fight with the “Banker” when Lawrence was operated.

The exterior and the main entrance of the residence of Countess Mavrodaki is filmed at Mon Repos.

Corfu, Mon Repos
Corfu, Mon Repos

The village that is shown in many scenes is known to most locals as “The Bouas’ Village” or as “Danilia Village” which is a “replica” of a traditional Corfiot Village that was constructed by the Bouas family many years ago. In recent years, it has been sold and now belongs to the Grecotel Group.

The Lake of Lilies that Gerry often visits is Lake Antinioti or Antiniotisa. This is the place that he met Kostis too.

Corfu, Lake Antinioti
Corfu, Lake Antinioti

As for their house, it is not exactly as you see it in the series and being a private property it is not open for public visits.

Of course, there are many scenes that have been filmed in various locations of Old Corfu town and others in the olive groves around Corfu.