Amorgos, Katapola! Much more than the “Big Blue”!

At the hearing of the word Amorgos, the vast majority spontaneously thinks of the Big Blue, no matter if the coherence derives clearly from Luc Besson`s 1988 film. Although the connection of the Island with the title of the film is undisputed, Amorgos is surely much more than this (even if the Big Blue only by itself may exceed the term miracle).

Another great proof of the splendour of Amorgos is the port of Katapola. The location in which the Kings of the Minoan Civilization chose as their summer palace.

At a first glance, Katapola seems to be a quiet relaxing place, appropriate mainly for families. However, as in many things in life, the first impression may not be the most accurate.

In addition to its relaxing and peaceful character, Katapola is an exciting and rather unexplored destination.

The enigmatic landscape turns to a strange mixture of a Greek stereotypical island, a calm Swiss lake, a wild scenery of a western film and an impressionistic painting, simultaneously, depending on the natural variations of the light during the day.

Amorgos, Katapola

Due to the fact that Katapola is a bay surrounded by hills, which its opening looks at the east side of the horizon, the visitor may have the vision of a great sunset, clearly visible even from the surface of the sea.

Great beaches for all kinds of tastes (sandy, rocky or stony beach) can be found in a relatively small distance, being there either by foot or by the little local boats in less than 20 minutes, enjoying emerald or very deep blue coloured sea waters.

Small dirt roads can lead to sites of a rare beauty, meeting during the ride prickly pear cactus, sisal trees and donkeys.

Of course, the visit to the Mount Mountoulia (or Minoa) to admire important antiquities and the great view of the port from above is a great traveller’s experience.

Many say that Amorgos (so as Katapola) has a bizarre metaphysical energy. Probably this strange energy makes visitors (Greeks and Foreigners) returning again and again there.

Nightlife is minimal, but who cares. After all, no party animal would choose Amorgos for his/her vacations.

Article © Nikolas D. Kapsalis

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