The Athens of Lore and Athens Today!

The Athens of Lore

Graceful and inspiring since Ancient Times, Athens is the city that became “the School of Greece”, as its famous leader Pericles once said.

Athens was the home of many philosophers, writers, sculptors and artists. Their names are known still; people like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Sophocles and Phidias, who was the sculptor of the symbol of Athens herself: the great, wise and learned goddess Athena.

Proud Athens is the place where humanism and democracy (and politics) were born, amidst the soaring dreams and everyday squabbles of farmers, traders and craftsmen. This city is so important to us, for it is the keystone of culture and society in many countries even to this day.

in Love with the Med - Athens
Temple of Hephaestus

Tourism isn’t a modern habit. There was a time, in the Ancient World, that was not so dissimilar to our own. It was generally peaceful and wealthy, with a privileged middle class able to enjoy itself by travelling to see Ancient Wonders.

They also sent their children to special colleges for better education and a brighter future. Just as we do. No place was so prized for both activities as Athens.

Though the brightness and vivacity of those times are long gone, its heritage is everywhere, thanks to the art and monuments that remain with us. The most famous place is the Acropolis, the most famous building being the Parthenon temple, Pericles’ graceful inspiration that became one of the key landmarks of civilisation.

Athens Today

Athens today is a different place to the ancient city that her name evokes in all of us. A tsunami of new houses and buildings has swamped those vineyards and olive groves loved by past poets.

So, besides the blocks of marble and shards of ceramic that recall a long-lost world, what else makes Athens a great place to see and visit? In a word, Life!

Map of Athens © Nicholas V. K.
Map of Athens framed print by INAOSSIEN Art!
© Nicholas V. K.

Life is still here, in big bold noisy colourful capital letters. This is the city of the Greeks after all, and if there is one people who really know how to live life to the full, no matter what, it is the Greeks!

Athens has it all: a vibrant international culture, famed nightlife, avenues of chic shops to suit the needs of the most selective of buyers – and who can ever, ever forget delicious Greek Cuisine? Or the party that goes with it!

Spending a few days in this city is never enough – but even one day is better than no visit at all!

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