Milos, the island of Lovers in the Cyclades, Greece!

Located in the southwesternmost of the Cyclades, Milos is the Island of colours, the island of romance and a destination with exceptional natural beauty.

Milos Island, Greece

Traditional and undiscovered, full of history, marvellous nature, numerous beaches and untouched villages, Milos is among the destinations that should be included in the itinerary of all travellers visiting the Cyclades.

Milos Island
Milos Island

The clear sea waters, the endless Aegean Sea, the rocky nature, the little white houses will capture your heart forever!

Milos is also known to the world as the “Island of Lovers”, a name taken after the discovery of the statue “Venus de Milo” that is part of the exhibits at the Louvre museum in Paris, in a site on the island where other statues were also discovered such as the statue of the Greek God Asclepius that is now in the British Museum, the statue of Poseidon and an Archaic Apollo!