Falasarna Beach – Our Favourite in Crete, Greece

A small earthly paradise that almost no one expects to find in Greece. Located on the western side of Crete close to Cape Gramvousa and next to the ruins of ancient Falasarna the views will captivate you and the fine white sand and turquoise waters will welcome you and offer you calmness and relaxation that are hard to find.

Phalasarna, Crete
Falasarna, Crete

Falasarna used to be one of the places that was not included in the musts to see while visiting Crete. Even now descriptions are short and rarely indicate the unique beauty of this place.

Definitely not a place to go if you like a lively, well-organized beach with lots of beach clubs. Fortunately, this area has been preserved because the locals are more into agriculture than hospitality and tourism.

Phalasarna Beach
Falasarna Beach

You can reach Falasarna by your own means, car or bike. It is considerably easy only if you have chosen the wider area of Chania as your main holiday destination. The beach is some 50+ kilometres from the city of Chania and almost 20klms from Kasteli.

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