Visiting Delos! The Awe-inspiring Wonder of the Ancient World!

Delos is without equal! It is the island of light! A sacred place! It is the island where Artemis and Apollo, children of Zeus and Leto, were born!

It is the island with the most fascinating past that is thousands of years old. The place that was the Seat of the Athenian League! The Inviolable Sanctuary! The reference point of the whole world.

Once a lively place with some 30.000 people living on it, Delos was of utmost commercial importance too.

Today Delos is an exceptionally rich and extensive archaeological site, an island full of artefacts that you are free to wander about and let your mind travel freely to its glorious past. And it is part of Unesco’s World Heritage Monuments.

Only 30 minutes from Mykonos by boat, this breathtaking island is any history lover’s dream.

Visiting Delos – Tips and Advice

Visiting Delos is really simple if you are in Mykonos for 11 months out of the 12 each year there is a regular service with small ferries that can take you there in 30 minutes.
During the month of February each year, the site is closed as per the information we got from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Delos though is quite a big island and an extensive archaeological site that the 3 hours of stay that is usually what it is offered is barely enough especially if you love archaeology and ancient history. Therefore, we would recommend that you check with the operators of the boats for a possible extended stay that could be up to the closing time.

The island of Delos is just an archaeological site. There are no residents other than the guards and even the employees and guides travel there by the same boats daily.

Delos - Temple of Isis
Delos, Temple of Isis © Nicholas V. K.

So please be prepared. Walking shoes are strongly advised. Tennis shoes would be even better. Sandals should be avoided since the terrain is not so easy to walk on.

In terms of shaded areas, there is nothing. So, hats and sunblock creams and lotions are a must.

As for water, here again, you need to be prepared. You can either bring it along or buy some at the café that is located next to the museum.

The ferry ticket to Delos is 20 Euros per person return and the ticket to the archaeological site including the museum is 12 Euros per person. If you decide to also have a guided tour hiring one of the guides that are available at the ticket box which we would recommend then you must add that cost too.

Daily tours to Delos are also offered from the islands of Paros and Naxos.

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