Epirus, Greece! The region to be visited by lovers of nature!

This is where you can explore the Beauties of mainland Greece… Away from the crowds, lost in time, this is where you will discover the splendours of Greece and learn what this breathtaking country and its people are really about in the Region of Epirus.

Visit the historic city of Ioannina, its ancient castle and the island in Lake Pamvotis, where the legendary Ali Pasha was beheaded.

Go to Dodona, were long before Delphi, the famous Oracle advised from and today is a well-preserved archaeological site just 20 Km outside of Ioannina, where performances take place in the ancient theatre.

Dodona - Ancient Theatre
Epirus – Dodona – Ancient Theatre

Explore the sparsely populated mountainous settlements of Zagori, built during the 16th century and spend a weekend in a stone-carved inn. Rekindle your spirit of adventure on a hike through the Pindos Mountains or rafting in the rivers of Voidomatis or Arachthos.

Go to Kalamas River and maybe search for the remainders of another marvel of nature that of “Epirus Theogefyro“!

Relax on the sandy beaches of the Ionian, surf, water-ski, sail or just enjoy the Greek hospitality of the seaside towns of Parga and Preveza.

Visit Arta and its ancient ruins… The famous bridge which huge difficulty to be built gave food to tradition, to fable, to poetry, to painting, to music and to the theatre so that the difficult fight of man for works like this to be praised.

Arta Bridge
Arta Bridge

Many enchanting legends refer to the building of the bridge; the most touching is one of the sacrifices of the master builder’s wife. The known traditional song of “the bridge of Arta” says in a line: “If you don’t haunt a human, the bridge does not fix”.

Visit the village of Peta, close to Arta and enjoy the beautiful creations of nature!

Go to river Acherontas… The river of the legends that is a centre of attraction not only for the tourists but also for the lovers of kayaking – canoeing and the nature lovers as well. It flows from the mountains of Souli and discharges a few kilometres farther, in the waters of the bay of Ammoudia. It begins as a mountain stream, crosses a stunning gorge, continues its way through the plain of Paramythia and finally discharges in the Ionian Sea.

Visit the archaeological site of Nekromantio in Mesopotamos, Preveza, where ancient Efyra was located. It came to light during the excavations conducted in 1958-1964, under a Christian graveyard and the monastery of St. John. (18th century). The beginnings of the oracle are dated to very early years, but almost all the buildings were built in the 2nd and the 3rd century. In the antiquity, it was thought that one of the ‘gates to Hades’ (the entrance to the underworld) was located in the exact place. It was the only oracle of its kind in entire Greece.

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