The Museums of Mykonos are a Must!

Mykonos is not just sea, sun and fun… There are the Museums of Mykonos that are definitely worthy of a visit. Most of them are in or very close to the town of Mykonos, while the one that belongs to the most important sights of Ancient Greece just a boat ride away…

Museums of Mykonos - Bonis Mill

Archeological Museum of Mykonos
The Museum exhibits items from excavations on the island ranging from the prehistoric to the late Hellenistic period, such as small statues, ceramic vases, pottery and jewellery. Is located alongside the harbour and was established in 1902.

Lena’s House
Part of the folklore museum of Mykonos, the former residence of Lena Skrivanous, a 19th-century original middle-class house located at Tria Pigadia in the town of Mykonos. A residence full of antique furniture, old mirrors, painted plates, excellent prints and tapestries.

Lena's House - Tria Pigadia Mykonos
Lena’s House – Tria Pigadia Mykonos

Folklore Museum
The museum is located in Kastro neighbourhood, in a two-floor captain’s house, displaying vintage furniture, Byzantine icons, ceramic works, old tools, traditional musical instruments, historical photographs, embroidered works, a collection of paintings, canons used in the 1821 Independence War.

Agricultural Museum
An outdoor museum located in Ano Myloi which presents the traditional agricultural installation used for the production and processing of farm products. Its outstanding exhibit is the windmill or ‘Bonis Windmill’ which is surrounded by agricultural facilities. This windmill is the only one that gives you the opportunity to visit its interiors. Every year on the second Sunday of September a festivity takes place at this location and it is the feast of the grape harvest.

Mykonos Agricultural Museum - Bonis Mill
Mykonos Agricultural Museum – Bonis’ Mill

Aegean Maritime Museum
This museum is housed in a 19th-century mansion in Chora (main town), covers the nautical history of the island, and exhibits old nautical instruments, tools, maps, ship models from the Minoan period until the 20th century, historic shipping documents, engravings, rare coins. The most interesting exhibit is at the back garden the original strobe mechanism of the Armenistis’ lighthouse which dates to 1890.

© Aegean Maritime Museum of Mykonos
Photo © Aegean Maritime Museum of Mykonos

The Island of Delos & The Museum of Delos!
Delos is an exceptionally rich and extensive archaeological site, an island full of artefacts that you are free to wander about and let your mind travel freely to its glorious past. And it is part of Unesco’s World Heritage Monuments.

Delos - Photo © Nicholas VK
Delos – Photo © Nicholas V. K.
Unique Properties for Unique Guests! Bliss in Reach!
Unique Properties for Unique Guests! Bliss in Reach!