The Island of Paxoi! A love nest in the Ionian Sea!

The island of Paxoi! A real paradise is floating in the Ionian Sea…. A spectacular green island with turquoise seawaters and spectacular caves, quaint fishing villages and incredible beaches.… A place with character and tradition! A balmy, gentle, serene, unspoiled destination!

Repeating visitors, add that this place is magical! Some call it even unreal, as it stands graciously embraced by its amazing seawaters.

This is Paxi or Paxos, the Benjamin of the Ionian Islands or Eptanissa as called by the locals! The favourite stop of all yachtsmen who roam the waters of the Ionian Sea.

The island that as per the myth is Poseidon’s creation! A love nest for him and Amphitrite! Judging from the result, he did an amazing job when he struck with his trident the southernmost tip of Corfu and formed the small cluster of islands and islets of Paxos and Antipaxos! And the islanders vouching for Poseidon’s act have made the trident the island’s emblem!

Rumors also have it that this place was the shelter for Cleopatra & Mark Antony…

Lying 7 miles south of Corfu, 8 miles from the coast of Epirus and 12 miles from Parga, Paxi is a priceless discovery.

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