What to See in Athens – The Areopagus!

The great bald rock that is the Areopagus sits high on a ridge that leads to the Acropolis.

Legend has it that the war God Ares was tried here by the Olympian Gods for the murder of his cousin, a son of Poseidon, God of the sea, of earthquakes and of horses.

Most certainly the stony, uneven platform once served as the open-air (what wonderful weather!) Senate and Supreme Court, hearing appeals in both civil and criminal cases. If not a House of Lords, then a House of Elders. Without the House, of course.

At the foot of the Areopagus once stood the Temple of the Erinyes (in Latin called the Furies), where condemned murderers could seek sanctuary as they sought to escape their punishment.

Not far from here was a shrine to the Unknown God; when he visited Athens, Paul of Tarsus proclaimed this God to be the newly revealed God of Israel.

Article & Photos © Carl Ottersen