Sicilian Cuisine… What to taste when travelling around Sicily!

We travel to Sicily a lot for many many years, and the Sicilian cuisine is one of the reasons we always want to return. It seems like local chefs and home cooks have endless ways to cook deliciously everything their land and seas produce. Most of their signature dishes are based on vegetables and others on pasta. Meat is not in their daily “routine” but fresh fish like the sardines and seafood obviously are.

Sicilian cuisine is, of course, Italian but it has its own style and character and some may say that has Greek, Spanish and Arab influences as well. Needless probably to say but everythign we have ever tasted in Sicily was simply delicious.

Some of our favourite tastes are showcased in photos here bellow, but there are others that we promise to include their photos upon our return from our next trip to Sicily.

Involtini Siciliani: Rolled stuffed slices of veal or any other meat stuffed with various ingredients like artichokes, prosciutto and herbs!

Pasta con Broccoli arriminati: Typical dish of Palermo!

Pasta al Nero di Seppia!

Fresh locally fished red shrimps when in season!

Insalata di Arancia Rossa & Cipolla: A tasteful and refreshing salad with sanguine oranges and onions!

Did you know that the first food blogger on earth lived in Sicily sometime around 350BC?