Sea Urchins, a culinary delicacy in the Mediterranean!

Sea Urchins, a culinary Delicacy in the Mediterranean!

For the lovers of Seafood and most of Greeks and Italians living by the sea, Sea urchins is a favourite delicacy.

Sea Urchins are found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean sea waters and anyone living close to the seaside gets acquainted with them very early in life. For tourists, sometimes sea urchins become a nightmare but for us, the locals are a totally different story.

We learn how to recognise the ones that are eatable, how to get them from the sea without harming themselves and of course how to open them up and prepare them to be eaten.

In Greece and South Italy sea urchins are usually served raw and in their original cell after of course being opened by those that know how to do it. We only pour some extra virgin olive oil and some lemon juice on top of the ovaries and then with the help of a piece of freshly baked bread as a spoon we eat them even right on the beach.

Sea urchins are also served in restaurants in many Mediterranean destinations and we would strongly recommend that you taste them if you enjoy seafood.