Mykonos Town or “Chora” as the locals call it!

Mykonos town or “Chora” is the main town on the island of Mykonos and the place where glamour meets simplicity. Chora is the capital of the island as well and is the place that everyone visits first when arriving in Mykonos.

The town is lively and has plenty to offer to all visitors. This is the place that you should wander around its small narrow streets and admire the traditional houses with their colourful doors and windows… the bougainvillaeas and flowers that make the scenery very attractive. This is also the place that you can enjoy visiting the small, almost hidden, churches with their special architecture that popup as from nowhere when you walk along.

Here is where you can stroll around the alleys and the famous shopping streets, always busy, vivid and colourful. The most captivating of all is Matogianni, where brand name stores, chic cafes and stylish restaurants are within easy reach.

Don’t be surprised as you walk along if you come across the mascot of Mykonos… a pelican who is usually wandering around the seafront and the old port where nowadays is the harbour of the fishing boats.

And while in Chora you MUST pay your respects to Little Venice (Alefkantra) the 18th-century district. The area of Mykonos was the grand captains’ used to live here in their mansions. The main characteristic of these mansions are the colourful balconies and stylish windows. The balconies hang out to the sea reminding pictures of the Italian city.

Little Venice is the place to go at sunset and it is where you can also enjoy the sunrise willingly…

And visiting Mykonos without visiting the windmills is impossible. So just walk up, from Little Venice, towards the hillside where stand proudly the so photographed windmills of Mykonos.

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