Mykonos! A Trip to a Different Experience!

Mykonos is Cosmopolitan and intense… diverse… vivid… passionate, Mykonos is the island of surprises with beauties known and beauties unexplored! A favourite destination, a fashionable place with an enchanting small town full of authentic beauties and traditional architecture!

Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town

This is the place to experience the magic… the plain charm… earth colours of bare hills… whitewashed small houses… an aura of an incredible sky… the dark blue sea… Petros the Pelican… pristine sandy beaches… superb, cosmopolitan, sophisticated nightlife… non-stop beach parties… gastronomic delights… luxurious retreats…

Mykonos Summer Life
Summer Life

This is the island of the winds, the island of light! Mykonos is an indulging and aspiring destination…

And like every other Greek destination when visiting this beautiful island there is plenty to do, see, feel, experience and enjoy… Overall you should not miss The Sacred Island of Delos! The Archaeological Museum! The Folklore Museum! The Aegean Maritime Museum! Panaghia Paraportiani! The Windmills! The Three Wells! Chora! Ano Mera! The narrow vivid alleys! The dazzling cubic whitewashed buildings! The intense nightlife! The tens of kilometres of sinuous coastline!

Mykonos - Psarou Bay
Nights at Mykonos

As for its history… According to mythology the Giants killed by Hercules in a fierce battle, are buried on the island of Mykonos under imposing blocks of Mykonian granite. The name “Mykonos”, somewhat pejoratively, means a mass of stones’ or a rocky place; a later tradition attributes the name of the island to a hero by the name of Mykonos, the son of the king of Delos, Anios, who was the son of Appolon and nymph Rhoio- a descendant of Dionysus…

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