Isola Bella! Taormina

A graceful, fascinating, stunning small island along the coast of Taormina within a small bay. The pearl of the Ionian as they call it is connected with the mainland by a thin strip of seaside which is visible when the tide is low.

The island was donated in 1806 by King Ferdinand I of Bourbon to the town of Taormina. In 1890 the island was bought by a noble English Lady Florence Trevelyan whose passion for gardening turned it into a paradise garden by planting exotic plants which mixing with the local vegetation form an unrepeatable landscape. Locals are grateful to her for her determination to create such magnifico and grand surroundings. Lady Trevelyan also built a house on the island which was surrounded by plans offering shade and coolness during the hot summer days. She also gave a second name to the island ‘Hallington-Siculo’ after her hometown in England.

in Love with the Med - Isola Bella
Taormina – Isola Bella

Several species of birds and a few types of lizards conquered the island making it their refuge. The waters are crystal clear and the beach consists of gravel and pebbles. Perfect for snorkelling. Excellent for sunbathing. If you decide to bathe beware of the jellyfish and use proper footwear so you feel more comfortable.

Isola Bella is declared as a nature reserve and is supervised by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

The island can be reached by either a Cable car if you are in Taormina or by foot.