Ioannina! Traveling in Seasons!

Ioannina is a wonderful area that is welcoming any time of the year since it has something to offer no matter if it is summer, autumn, winter or spring!

The wild landscape, the powerful rivers, the high mountains to be climbed, the deep caves and the gorges to be explored are ideal for adventure seekers. Rafting and kayaking in the rivers, cycling, walking, horse-riding for the sports lovers.

But also a quiet place, offering peace and tranquillity! Ioannina is the area where relaxation comes naturally, and nothing disturbs the sense of well being which is felt by all.

Explore the sparsely populated mountainous settlements of Zagori, built during the 16th century and spend a weekend in a stone-carved inn. Rekindle your spirit of adventure on a hike through the Pindos Mountains or rafting in the rivers of Voidomatis or Arachthos. The Vikos Gorge (Greece’s Grand Canyon) will take your breath away.

… mountainous… untouched… fascinating… intriguing… captivating…
… the historic city of Ioannina… the island in Lake Pamvotis where the legendary Ali Pasha was beheaded… the ancient Castle… the villages of Zagoria… the Environmental Park of Bourazani… snowy Metsovo…

Awesome flourishing nature…
Aoos, Voidomatis, Kalamas all of a superb natural beauty… Hidden attractions and elegance in the unique villages of Kallarytes, Konitsa, Bourazani, Pramanta, Delvinaki, Vovoussa… Evenings walks at the banks of Lake Pamvotis… A day on the islet in the lake of Ioannina… The captivating history behind the Castle’s Walls…

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