Experiences on the island of Paros!

Paros, Cyclades, Greece! The shinning island as they call it literally and metaphorically. An island with lovely beaches, lots to see like the museum and the Byzantine church of Ekatontapilliarini let aside the natural beauty. An island in the Cyclades with all the characteristics. White houses with flowers, beautiful alley streets, cosy shops, restaurants, tavernas but not too crowded. I easily mixed with the locals and talked about the kept secrets of the island.

One evening I decided to have dinner in one of the most picturesque tavernas in Naoussa. To my surprise, after I sat on my table and asked for fresh fish the waiter told me to be a little patient for a while. I wondered why. A few minutes later I realized that a couple of fishing boats (kaikia) were entering the little port just outside the taverna. The waiter asked me to follow him and that’s what I did. When we reached the boats, he asked me he asked me to choose the fish I wanted to eat. I was stunned. Fresh fish from the boat to the grill and in my plate. So enjoyable, the smell of the sea, the freshness, the divine taste. Adorable!