Brindisi – The Port Town of Puglia with the Most Hospitable People

Travellers for some reason believe that Brindisi is not a holiday destination but just a port. It is so NOT true. Brindisi is a lovely big town by the sea and yes it is a port town but with so much to offer to its visitors.


Once upon a time, was the capital of Italy. And for anyone who has read or heard about Orient Express and its route, Brindisi was one of the main stops at the time…

Having Brindisi as a base you can rent a car and explore most of Puglia. Reaching Lecce is just a matter of 30-minutes drive. Reaching Otranto is just a 1-hour drive. Reaching Alberobello is less than 1-hour drive. Going to Ostuni is just a 30-minute drive. Visiting Taranto is a 1-hour drive. Going to Bari is just a 74-minutes drive and so on. We would just say that within an hour’s drive or so you will be able to reach with ease one of the beautiful towns of Puglia that are famous worldwide.

But even if you want just to spend your days in the town there is quite a lot to do. You can visit the archaeological area of San Pietro degli Schiavoni, the Basilica Cattedrale della Visitazione e San Giovanni Battista, the Provincial Archaeological Museum “Francesco Ribezzo”. You can wander in lungo mare. You can enjoy a morning visit to the market with all the fresh vegetables and seafood. You can explore the port and the monument of the Italian Marines.

And for sea, sun and beach time fun, Brindisi has you covered as well.

As for the evenings, a passegigata at Lungomare Regina Margherita is highly recommended.

For wine lovers, a visit at the Tenute Rubino will definitely be a worthy experience.

And lastly, we need just to say that Brindisi’s pizzerie, trattorie and restaurants will offer you the chance to experience the excellence of the local cuisine.