A day trip to Delphi! While staying in Athens!

Just a little over 2 hours from Athens city centre heading northwest and driving through plains and hills of central Greece, is nestled high on the slopes of Mount Parnassos one of the most important sights of Ancient times; Delphi!

As legend has it, Zeus wanted to locate the exact centre of the world and to do this he released two eagles from opposite ends of the earth. The Eagles met at Delphi where Zeus marked the spot with a large, egg-shaped stone called the omphalos, meaning “navel”. Delphi though is also famous because of its oracle, Pythia, and her prophecies that were given only on the seventh day of each month.

The ancient site of Delphi is well preserved and spread on wide lands so an early morning departure from Athens is strongly recommended with your first stop the site itself.

Casually dressed and with comfy shoes, you will be able to walk around and along with the remnants admire the nature and Mt Parnassos. Your tour of the site can last long and be tiring so be well prepared and depending on the weather never forget your sunglasses and hats to protect yourselves from the sun.

On your way back and close to Delphi is the picturesque small town of Arachova where we would recommend that you stop for a meal at one of the traditional tavernas and do some shopping of locally produced goodies like honey, spoon sweets and maybe some hilopites and trachana.