Zakynthos! Not to be Missed!

Zakynthos is the island that has been characterised as “The floating paradise on earth”! Mountainous… unique… unspoilt… With dazzling beaches, bays of unbelievable beauty, nature that will captivate your minds, culture, history, music, arts!

The Town and the Port

Real Zakynthos is NOT Laganas… Just travel off the beaten track and the island will deliver all the elements of peaceful heaven…

A long list of beaches… Some famous and others are unknown… With white sand… Turquoise sparkling sea… The Shipwreck… Porto Roxa… Porto Limnionas… Porto Zoro… And don’t hesitate to ask the locals for those well hidden, unexplored and almost untouched by humans… Shorelines ideal for relaxation and calm moments…

The Shipwreck Beach

And the choices for visitors are plenty…

Evenings strolls in the town… Sunset at Bochali… A day at the shipwreck… Porto Limnionas for lunch just above the sea… A family day of sun & fun in Porto Koukla… An afternoon visit to the Romas Mansion…

Porto Limnionas

A drive through the mountainous villages of Killiomenos, Agios Leon, Loucha, Kambi, Exo Chora, Gyri that are untouched by tourism and where smiling, pleasant, warm, welcoming local people will greet you…

A visit at the seaside villages of Volimes in the north, Keri in the southwest, Katastari, Alykes, Alykanas… and of course, enjoy the beautiful beaches with the white sand and the turquoise sparkling seawaters!

Zakynthos - Blue Caves
The Blue Caves

Taste the local cheese… It is creamy… It is different… It is just a pleasing taste that can only be found during certain periods only in Zakynthos!

Drink the wine… Traditionally made locally!

Talk to the locals and ask to be introduced to the little places that tourists rarely visit…

Where to Stay in Zakynthos:

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