Sardinia! The Italian island with white sand and clear waters!

Beaches of pure white sand, emerald sea, coves, wild and uncontaminated nature, this is Sardinia lying in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the second largest island, blends sea and nature, archaeological sites like the mysterious giants’ tombs and Nuragic complexes. A mostly mountainous region without high peaks, with luscious woods, marshes, rich flora and fauna and species of animals threatened with extinction. Deers, wild horses and wild birds reside in the area. A beautiful and worth visiting site is the flamingos of the lagoon.

The sea is incredibly clean with emerald colour, travels into the coves, along the coasts to the beaches. The mountainous area of Gennargentu is the largest mountain range in Sardinia with its distinguishing landscape is there to be explored for those who prefer the mountain experience.


Sardinian food is prepared with simple and natural ingredients. The main ingredient is wheat used to make the famous pane carasau, malloreddus, culurgiones and fregola. Porceddu is a savoury dish with grilled suckling pig offered on cork trays and covered in myrtle branches. Try the lobster of Alghero, the bottarga of Cabras Calaforte tuna fish, the clam soup and spaghetti with sea urchins. If you want something light, a variety of cheeses with the outstanding Sardinian pecorino and local sausages are ideal.

Enjoy your stay, relax and choose what you want to experience from the variety of activities Sardinia offers.

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