Napoli’s Pastries – Always Tempting and Yummy

Napoli’s pastries are quite famous in Italy and as Italians say they are the best. What’s left is to try them, and I am sure you will think the same.

Sfogliatelle Ricia
The crust is crunchy and flaky with many thin layers of pastry rolled into a cylinder forming a shell shape filled with a cream like custard. The pastry’s texture reminds you of stuck leaves. This pastry must be eaten warm.

Sfogliatelle Frolla
This pastry is made of a shortbread crust, has a round shape and the filling is the same as Sfogliatelle Ricia.

Baba au Rhum
A yeast-based cake with a distinctive shape that looks like a mushroom, soaked in rum syrup. You can find baba plain or filled with fruit and sweetened whipped cream, Nutella syrup and even ricotta cheese.

Delizia al Limone
A lemon sponge cake with a lot of limoncello spiked simple syrup, filled with lemon pastry cream and iced with lemon flavoured whipped cream.

An Easter time pastry very popular in Napoli found on every Easter table. The crust is pasta frolla and the filling is ricotta cream, egg mixture with rose flower water and sometimes with crushed citrus fruit.

This classic pastry is not only lovable all the year round but is also a must for San Giuseppe’s day on the 19th of March and Father’s Day. The dough made of flour and water is deep fried, filled with crema pasticcera which usually comes out of the top of the pastry decorated with powdered sugar and three syrup black cherries. Alternative fillings can be jelly, cannoli-style pastry cream, or honey with butter mixture.

Zuppa Inglese Napoletana
A delicious sponge cake moistened with rum, filled with custard and sour cherries, and on the outside is wrapped with a crispy layer of meringue.

Neapolitan Torrone
A soft or hard nougat bar with almonds, honey and white eggs. This dessert is very old, loved by the Romans. Other variations are with hazelnuts, pistachios, dark or white chocolate. The hardest one is the one with the honey.