Napoli Street Food – Simply Delicious!

Napoli’s Street Food is delicious and everyone visiting should give it a try. All items are fresh and easy to find anywhere around the city…

A paper cone filled with a variety of deep-fried ingredients. Fish, seafood, meat, potato croquettes, mini panzerotti, mozzarella, aubergines. After they are fried, they are dried enough so you don’t get messy when you eat them on the street.

Pizza a Portafoglio
An authentic pizza folded in a special way making it easy to eat with hands in a shape like a wallet.

Pizza Fritta
The toppings are sealed between two layers of pizza dough which is deep-fried until crispy. In some places, you may find it made from one layer of pizza dough folded, very well sealed on the edges with the ingredients inside and then deep-fried.

Pizza Montanara
Pizza Montanara originates from the mountains around Napoli. The pizza dough is cooked in hot oil for a minute, taken out topped with marinara and cheese. Then the pizza is baked in the oven for another minute.

Zeppuelle – Pasta Crescinta
Small disfigured fried dough dumplings with fish -usually anchovies- or vegetables for fillings.

Napoli's Street Food - Panuozzo
Napoli Street Food – Panuozzo

Panuozzo Napoletano
This street food has the shape of a large sandwich, made from a dough which is very much alike to that of the Napolitana pizza. Usually is filled with smoked provola, sausage and friarelli baked in the oven. Other ingredients for the fillings can be mozzarella, tomatoes, vegetables. The panuozzo is cooked twice. Firstly the dough is shaped and baked, taken out and cut in half-filled with the ingredients and then put back in the oven for a few minutes.

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