Ioannina – The Silversmiths’ Craft is purely an Art

The Silversmith’s Craft is such a beautiful long lasting art that has become part of the Epirote tradition and is an experience you should enjoy when you are in the area, even if shopping is not in your mind.

Various references in historical texts prove that the silver has been processed in Ioannina since the times of the Byzantine Empire. Then in Turkish documents, there is great proof that in 1430 the sector of the silversmith’s craft is at its peak. And of course, the trading and exporting activities of the Silversmiths have been documented with cities like Venice, Vienna, Prague as well as with Russia.

An individual traditional craft has developed for centuries: the craft of processing silver by hand in order to make items of unique art.

Nowadays in Ioannina, you will still find about 90 workshops that continue producing

  • The hand engraved ecclesiastical objects, such as hanging oil-lamps and holly icon
  • The cast utensils, such as teaspoons and dinner sets
  • The cast lamps
  • The filigree (“syrmatera” in Greek) jewels and utensils made entirely by silver wire twisted in patterns, all handmade, technique known since the years before Christ
  • The known Byzantine and Archaic jewels

And the Silversmith’s Museum that is located within the walls of the Castle of Ioannina in the area of Its Kale. A truly great museum that showcases in the best possible way the technology, techniques used in the past as well as pieces of artwork of older times in both silver and gold.