Corfu Town – What to See in a Day!

Corfu is a beautiful island and its capital city, Corfu town is even more beautiful, therefore if your holiday destination is the island of Corfu then try your best to spend at least a day in Town.

The old town will amaze you with its architecture, the fortresses, the parks, the piazzas.

This is the town that as you walk around in the narrow streets with the shops you will hear music coming from above. Classical music most of the times. And depending on the time of the year you may have the pleasure to listen to Adagio, Amleto or something more lively and fun.

If your mind is set for shopping, Corfu will not fail you… From jewellery to furs, to handcrafted olivewood souvenirs, to clothing by local designers or international brands, to mementoes showcasing the most photographed spots of the island, to pastries and all kinds of local delicacies, to… you name it. Corfu town has it all.

Corfu Town has also many lovely and super lively cafes with the ones spread around the Liston area to win the preference of all visitors; fantastic restaurants praising the delights of the local and international cuisines.

And of course, this town has nightlife! Stylish bars, pubs and clubs are found all around.

Corfu is our favourite Greek island and our recommendations are totally personal as presented with the images here below.

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