5 Vacation Destinations you can’t miss out on in Australia

Australia: home to stunning desert views, delicious food, and more culture than you can imagine. But as the world’s largest island, choosing where to go on your vacation can be daunting, as there is more than seven million kilometres of land to explore.

9.3 million tourists visited in 2018 and this is a figure that is only expected to rise as time goes on. Are you going to be part of 2019’s travel statistics? Here are five vacation destinations that you can’t miss out on in Australia.


1. Sydney

This bustling city is filled with many amazing museums and touristic hotspots, guaranteed to keep you busy during your stay. Even if you only visit for a few days, you have to see Sydney’s iconic opera house and watch a top-quality show.

If you find yourself in Sydney between May and June, stay out late and enjoy the Vivid Sydney festival, where visitors can enjoy spectacular light displays and interactive workshops.


2. Perth

Perth has a bit of everything. A beach is never far away for those looking to relax and there are a variety of art galleries to explore if you want to experience a bit of culture.

Many argue that Perth’s food and drinks scene is the best in Australia, as it is home to many independent restaurants and cafes. Perth takes traditional international cuisine, such as sushi and Chinese, but adds its own Australian twist for a delicious and unique dish. Foodies will be in their element.


3. Broome

A lot of adventure is waiting for you in this quaint seaside town in Western Australia. Broome doesn’t often make it onto many travel bucket lists, which is a real shame because it has a lot to offer. The clear beaches are unlike any other and the tranquil atmosphere is optimal for relaxation. Ideal for hiking, Broome is home to the underground Tunnel Creek national park, which is a unique place to explore.


4. Canberra

Can you really visit Australia without taking a trip to the capital? Whether you’re visiting for the day or for the whole week, you’re sure to have an amazing time in Canberra. The city’s most iconic tourist destinations are located close to one another, making it easier to visit them all in one go.

If you want to learn more about the history of the country, make sure you visit the National Museum of Australia.


5. Melbourne

This city is a great stop-off destination for tourists on a road trip, as Great Ocean Road is a scenic route filled with adventure. Pull up at one of Melbourne’s many beaches and try your hand at surfing. Alternatively, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are home to exotic species of Australian flora that attract more than two million visitors each year. 

There is a reciprocal health agreement in place that gives some tourists access to Australian Medicare. However, this should not be considered a replacement for travel insurance, as it only gives you access to the most basic medical care. Read 1Cover’s full guide to travel insurance in Australia while you’re planning your trip.