Where to stay in Mykonos!

Where to Stay in Mykonos??? We know how you feel… since every year at about this time we receive tens of messages from our readers to help them choose wisely.

Mykonos too is an island with a limitless number of all types of accommodation and for all budgets. So budget wise there will not be an issue. Location though may be and a serious one. The problem usually arises more with first-timers and for anyone on a tight schedule and minimum number of days.

Being Greeks that have also lived in Mykonos for long periods of time we thing that the best way to help you is by splitting the season in calm, busy and very very busy. That is a factor that should be always taken under consideration since traffic becomes a problem…

So if you travel in April, May and October no matter where you decide to stay you will be fine. If you decide to be out of town it will be also great but you will just need to hire a car to move around. Again no problem at all. Traffic is limited and parking spaces available everywhere you go.

In June and September things get busier but still there is quite enough space for everyone on the island to move around without much hassle.

But when July and August arrive then things get tough. These two months are the busiest and the island is flooded with tourists. So if you just have just a couple of days then do stay in town.

Another factor that should be taken under consideration is that most of Mykonos nightlife exists within Chora; that is the capital of the island. Same with the famous restaurants and all kinds of high street brands for those that enjoy shopping. 

On the other hand Mykonos town lucks in terms of beach bars and Super Paradise or Nammos type day entertainment. So here comes a dilemma… And to this dilemma there are several answers…

If you are a night owl and you want to enjoy the vibe of Mykonos nightlife then choose a hotel in town or within walking distance of where it all happens.

If you enjoy more the sun and the sea then go for a hotel or a villa on a beach. If you like to enjoy all then just book yourselves a private car with driver or a taxi and let them take you anywhere your heart desire.

It will save you time, stress and money at the end of the day since locals usually know best and can always assist you with choosing the right beaches, restaurants, bars and so on.

Mykonos Travel Seasons

Springs in Mykonos
The motion is starting… The island is getting ready to welcome thousands of visitors once again… An excellent time for an escape… Clear blue skies… Dark blue sea… Reflections of bright sun… Serene but exciting…

Summers in Mykonos
… the nights are always young… the days are full of fun… parties are everywhere… beach bars to satisfy the “wildness”… calm bays with golden sandy beaches away from crowds to relax and prepare for another night of fun… crystal blue inviting you for a dive sea…

Autumns in Mykonos
Beautiful warm weather… Sunny days… Lavish nightlife… Less crowds but still lively… Painters… writers… readers… windsurfers… hikers… walkers… bikers… choose the Princess of Cyclades this time of the year!

Winters in Mykonos
Original tranquil amicable scenery… Courteous attentive locals welcoming you with a smile at every corner of Chora or Ano Mera… Deserted shorelines… Incomparable sunsets… A season ideal for unfolding the real Mykonos….

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