Visiting Paris on a tight schedule…

Paris is one of those destinations that no matter how many times you visit, the city never bores you. Paris is a dazzling, adventurous, playful and above all romantic. And even if you are visiting Paris on a very tight schedule there are some places that must be visited and to us, one visit is never enough!

We all know that the City of Light has more monuments and museums than any other Mediterranean city and in order to explore and visit them all a month would be needed at least. Paris has museums, art, chateaus, nature and a lifestyle that everybody loves.

Our choices below are very personal but this is what we blog about after all… But more suggestions can also be found here.

And while in Paris don’t miss the opportunity to taste a Creme Brulee

As for where to stay… we surely recommend Quai de Bourbon and Paris Bourdonnais!