Visiting Corfu on a Cruise Ship?

Thousands of people visit Corfu every year while on a cruise in the Med.

These visits usually have a duration of just a few hours that are never long enough to really see and explore a destination but still are of great value since this stopover allows passengers to feel the place and decide if they would like to revisit in a future trip.

The number of excursions offered on board are unlimited and occasionally confusing especially for first-timers, while for the regular lovers of cruises everything is always simple! In all instants, the best way to explore a destination is with a local’s help so here we go.

“Must Must Must See” is Corfu Town with its amazing buildings, narrow streets, the fortresses, the museums and of course hundreds of little cafes, restaurants and all kinds of shops spread everywhere. Doing a tour on foot of the old town of Corfu and visiting, the Old Fortress, the Esplanade, St George’s & St, Michael’s Palace, Liston, St Spyridon’s Church (Saint Protector of the Island) along with a couple of stops for a coffee and a snack will take up to 3 hours.

And if you have more hours then, a short ride till Kanoni to enjoy a visit the monastery of Vlacherena and Pontikonissi or else known as “Mouse Island” which is the place that has been photographed a million times and it is like the trademark of Corfu, would be a great idea.

Reaching Corfu Town from the Port is dead easy. You can walk if you feel like it and the weather is not too hot. It will take you about 20 minutes to reach Liston at most. Or you can take a taxi. A ride that would last maybe 5 min or less depending on the traffic. As for Kanoni and Mouse Island, you could get the blue bus leaving from Esplanade quite regularly but again a taxi ride is far faster since it is less than 10 minutes to get there.

And if you want to take a real local souvenir back with you that will remind you of this place then choose something handmade out of local olive wood. You will find a few shops around.