Tuscan Cuisine – Local Delicacies!

The Tuscan cuisine has plenty of choices but we have chosen to share those we tasted and liked a lot. We hope you will enjoy them too!

Fettunta: Freshly toasted sliced Tuscan bread with lots of rubbed garlic, green olive oil and sprinkled salt.

Panzanella: Summer salad with pieces of bread which are soaked in water and balsamic vinegar, cut vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber and onions, seasoned with olive oil and vinegar. Tuna and capers can be added for a special taste.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina: Succulent T-bone stake served very rare or ‘al sangue’. Following the Tuscan tradition, the meat is cooked only with olive oil and salt, enabling the flavours of the meat to bloom.

Lampredotto: A Tuscan street food made of the fourth stomach of the cow in a panino which is soaked in broth with a generous scoop of salsa verde and pepper.

Ribolita: A soup made of leftover minestrone soup with black cabbage, vegetables, beans and stale bread. Perfect for wintertime.

Castagnaccio: A typical Tuscan dessert made with chestnut flour, pine nuts, raisins, a small amount of salt, rosemary, olive oil. Can be eaten warm or cold accompanied with Tuscan dessert wine.

Costini di Fegato: Chicken liver pate cooked in butter with anchovies, capers, onion broth, spread on warm pieces of bread. Is eaten as an appetizer or snack.

Coccoli Prosciutto and Stracchino: Salty fried balls of dough served with prosciutto and fresh soft cheese Stracchino. An appetizer or snack.

Tagliatelle with black truffle sauce: Pasta mixed with black truffle sauce. The sauce is prepared with butter, olive oil, crushed garlic, black pepper, black truffle.

Potato Tortelli: A different version of ravioli filling is used in this dish. Instead of spinach or ricotta cheese, the ravioli is filled with mashed potatoes from the region, pecorino cheese, salt, nutmeg and freshly ground pepper. The dish is served with ragout or game meat sauce.

Cantucci: Almond biscuits baked twice. They usually dip them in a glass of sweet wine to moisten.

Of course, the Tuscan Cuisine has more a lot more delicacies that are more than worthy of savouring…

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