Santorini!A day at the beach!

For the lovers of the sea, the magical island of Santorini has you covered since it boasts some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean.

The volcanic nature of the island has created beautiful places with uniquely coloured sand but here it should be noted that while most beaches in Santorini have black volcanic sand, there are also beaches with white, grey, and red sand or even volcanic pebbles.

Red Beach
Accessed by boat, the Red Beach or Kokkini Paralia as called by the locals is located near the village and ancient site of Akrotini. Santorini’s Red Beach offers the most unique and stunning view. The beach gets its name from the lava red cliffs and red sand.

White Beach or Aspri Paralia
Another beautiful breathtaking beach that can only be accessed by foot or by Sea Taxis. Lying right next to the Red beach it is such a quiet and extreme setting for a beach.

Monolithos Beach
Monolithos Beach is the place where you can experience a marvellous sunrise! Less crowded and touristy beach just a couple of minutes away from the airport and only 10min drive from Fira, the capital of the Island. The dark grey sand is obvious everywhere since this another volcanic beach of the island.

Kamari Beach
Santorini’s longest beach and the first beach to be developed as a holiday resort is also the busiest. The area offers tavernas, restaurants, bars, hotels and a great variety of water sports and activities.

Ammoudi! The little and picturesque harbour of Oia! Located down at the foot of the village can be accessed by either a donkey ride or going down over 200 steps. It may sound tiring but at the bottom awaits you a small and secluded paradise. The beach itself is very small and sandy and the waters are deep clear blue.

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