Seven Days Sailing Itinerary in the Saronic Gulf!

Sailing in the Saronic Gulf is like every other sailing trip in the Greek seas, a unique experience! Choosing a skippered boat can offer you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning coastline, picturesque islands, remote places, ancient sights and above all extraordinary and hospitable people!

Charming… Indulgent… Amicable… with unique traditional local colour. Also considered the island of peace, romance and jauntiness… with overgrown pine trees reaching down to the rugged shores and the sandy beaches.

Cosmopolitan… Glorious… Magnificent Island… From your very first visit, a magic feeling surrounds you… Perhaps it’s in the unique architecture and graphic scenes throughout the Island, or perhaps it’s in its long history and rich heritage, or even – a fusion of all. A stroll through the town’s picturesque cobblestone streets will convince you of its uniqueness.
Get ready for a walk or a donkey ride since in Hydra you will not find any cars.

Is built across a peninsula embraced by the sea on both sides, giving it the feeling of an island town with the benefits of being on the mainland. The old town rises up a hillside, with splendid views to nearby islands and a fertile plain rich in pomegranates, citrus fruits and olive groves. Below, the northern bay forms a natural harbour for the busy little port where you see fishermen cleaning their nets and small shops and cafes. Mandraki, to the south, offers a good selection of quayside restaurants, bars and traditional Taverns with their octopuses hanging outside to dry in the sun. At the peninsula’s tip is a pine-covered Bisti, where rocky coves offer great swimming in calm crystal clear waters. Walkers will discover the stone foundations of Temples and the remains of “Cyclopean Walls”.

Methana & The Volcano
Inhabited since about 10.000 B.C. the peninsula of Methana is considered to contain some 32 volcanoes that are mostly andesitic.

Picturesque with traditional houses just next to Ancient Epidaurus and the ruins… Natural beauty… historical monuments… ruins… a lovely beach… and welcoming locals are among the things that a visitor will see.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
The Huge Ancient Theatre with its astonishing acoustics – A product of advanced design with the rows of limestone seats to filter out low-frequency sounds, such as the murmur of the crowd, and amplify/reflect high-frequency sounds from the stage!

A small remote paradise full of pine trees and emerald waters. According to Homer, Agistri was called Kekrifalia, which means “adorned head” and appears as an ally of Aegina during the Trojan War.

Famous for its Pistachio Trees the island is beautiful, traditional and historical… Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled the island. During ancient times, Aegina was a rival to Athens, the great sea power of the era.

Our Proposed Itinerary
Day 1: Athens (Kalamaki Marina) to Poros Island
Early Afternoon Departure
Dinner at one of the lovely restaurants that are spread around
Overnight in Poros

Day 2: Poros to Hydra
Breakfast ashore
Off with the boat for swimming in a remote beach
Sail Off to Hydra
Late Afternoon/ Early Evening arrival in Hydra, where you can enjoy a donkey ride to explore the small town, go shopping in one of the numerous boutiques, have dinner at a traditional tavern or a more sophisticated restaurant and of course enjoy the nightlife.
Overnight in Hydra

Day 3: Hydra to Ermioni
Breakfast ashore
Noon departure to Agios Antonios Beach in Hydra which is only accessed by the sea with plenty of time for swimming
Sail off to Ermioni
Overnight in Ermioni

Day 4: Ermioni to Vathy
Adequate time for an early morning breakfast ashore and immediate departure from Ermioni sailing north, bypassing Poros island, sailing around Methana peninsula and finally dock to the unique little port of Vathy – a totally remote destination with unique scenery and a couple of very traditional Greek taverns where you can enjoy a taste of real Greek food.
Overnight in Vathy

Day 5: Vathy to Epidavros to Agistri
Breakfast ashore
Sail off to Epidavros
Stopover for a few hours to visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus or Swimming and fun
Early Afternoon sail off to Agistri Island
Overnight in Agistri

Day 6: Agistri to Aegina (Perdika)
Breakfast ashore
Sail off to Perdika in Aegina
Afternoon swimming
Overnight in Perdika

Day 7: Aegina to Athens (Kalamaki Marina)
Breakfast ashore
Sail off to the island of Moni which is nature’s lovers’ paradise with adequate time for swimming in the clear blue waters
Early Afternoon Sail off to Kalamaki Marina
Overnight in Athens (Kalamaki Marina)

Day 8: Athens (Kalamaki Marina)
Breakfast & Farewell

More to do when in Athens… A day trip to Delphi! While staying in Athens!

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