Off to Mykonos for 3 days or more!

Mykonos is the island of joy and pleasure… the island of the extremes… the place with special magic! And of course, Mykonos is your way to visit Delos!

Once you select your dates, you can reach Mykonos by ferry from Piraeus or even faster by aeroplane from Athens. No matter how you arrive, as soon as you settle in one of the wonderful lodgings available on the island, you can start your exploration in Chora.

Starting from Little Venice where you can enjoy a coffee or a delicious freshly squeezed juice. The atmosphere is aesthetically unique. And do not overlook a visit to the Museums of Mykonos.

Off to Mykonos - Little Venice
Little Venice

Then you can move on and start wandering around the vivid whitewashed alleyways where you will most probably have the chance to meet the legendary Petros (Peter) the pelican that over the years has become in a way the mascot of Mykonos. This pelican is named after and in honour of the first-ever pelican which was found wounded by a fisherman in 1958. Since then all pelicans get his name. The first Petros was hit by a car on 2 December 1985 and failed to recover.

Peter the Pelican! The Superstar! - in Love with the Med
Peter the Pelican! The Superstar! © Nicholas V.K.

Continuing your stroll, you can head to the area that until a while back was one of Chora’s most popular and famous clubs… the erotic Pierros.

For the more romantic soles, visiting the windmills in Alefkandra at sunset, where the unique game of the sun with the sea does not last that long, contribute to enjoying extraordinary moments in Mykonos. This is the time to use your camera and take some photos and enjoy the magic of the moment sitting around the mills.

in Love with the Med - Mykonos
Mykonos © Menelaos Sykovelis

At dinner time which in Mykonos starts just after sunset, the options are limitless! You can enjoy anything you wish… from simple souvlaki to gourmet cuisine. For sure you can find the place that it’s cuisine will please your palate and where you can taste and enjoy local dishes and classic recipes with a Mykonian touch.

Or you can simply continue your stroll around the narrow streets where you can enjoy shopping for anything… souvenirs, art, jewellery, high street brands! And do not be surprised if you see the shops open until very very late at night. This is Mykonos after all.

Shopping in Mykonos
Shopping in Mykonos

And since this island never goes to sleep, this is the place that lovers of nightlife will meet their alter ego! Endless clubbing almost everywhere that goes on as famous DJs play music until the early morning hours.

Surely when in Mykonos you must visit some of the beautiful beaches of the island like Elia, Lia, Kalafatis, Psarou and Platis Gialos just to name a few and dive into the Aegean blue waters. All of them will delight you since they are well organised.

Our Handpicked Hotels in Mykonos
Psarou Bay

For the adventurous “explorers” there is a rocky islet to the east of the island that is well-known to locals and boat owners. A special destination for a short escape of Mykonos life with a rented boat.

And last but definitely not least… We hope that you will not leave Mykonos without first visiting the sacred Island of Delos; It is here that you can admire the remains of the largest religious and economic centres of antiquity. Delos is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites.

Delos © Nicholas V.K.
Delos © Nicholas V.K.

Delos can be the only reason for many to visit Mykonos.