Ioannina – The Local Cuisine!

Ioannina and the wider region of Epirus have a rich gastronomic tradition based on the use of high-quality fresh local produce. Menus vary with the seasons, reflecting the best that nature provides at different times of the year. The lamb and beef are succulent on their own, or in the many traditional meat-based dishes.

But vegetarians also love the local cuisine which offers them a variety of imaginative dishes featuring the organically produced vegetables of the region. Various fish dishes from the nearby wetlands are part of the unique traditional menu.

Fish from the lake is a speciality in Ioannina while locally produced cheeses are a prominent feature on many menus. The food is enhanced by the use of fresh herbs grown in the traditional stone villages.

And needless to say that here too… there is even a local ‘eau-de-vie’, called Tsipouro, which has been distilled locally for generations.

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