Introducing you all the islands of the Cyclades – Some known and others

Located in the South Aegean region the islands that form the Cyclades are wonderful. Some are very well known but others not at all.

Al the legend had it, the Cyclades have been named so because they form a circle surrounding and protecting the sacred island of Delos. Legend or not it is so true and obvious as well if you just look on any map. And here below they are just on an alphabetical order…

Amorgos is the island known from the film “The Big Blue”. Amorgos is found at the easternmost island of the Cyclades and is a popular destination for Greeks and Italians as well as Germans, Dutch and French travellers.

in Love with the Med - Amorgos, Katapola
Amorgos, Katapola

Anafi is very close to Santorini. Lovely place and as all the Cyclades very picturesque but moreover still traditional and not “spoiled” by tourism.

Andros is the first island you will meet if you decide to take the ferry from Rafina. Less than an hour’s travel away it is a beautiful and very popular destination for the Athenians.

Antiparos is so beautiful. Less than a nautical mile away for Paros and with a local ferry connection, this is the island chosen by some very famous actors to build their Greek homes.

Delos is a living museum. Only the guards of the museum and the ancient site are living on the island. And for us is a must visit if you are in any of the neighbouring islands.


Donousa was known as Stenosa or Spinosa amongst the international sailors of a few centuries ago is along with Amorgos located in the eastmost part of the Cyclades. Not a popular destination for travellers unless they are real connoisseurs.

Folegandros is becoming a very popular destination in recent years. The island is simply amazing. Views, nature, everything! Location wise you will find it between Milos and Santorini if you look it up on a map. And the nearest other Cycladic Island to Folegandros is Sikinos.

Folegandros - Cyclades
Folegandros Island in the Cyclades

Ios is just off Santorini. Beautiful destination for the younger travellers but not only.

Irakleia is another gem of the Cyclades lying between Naxos and Ios and very close to Schoinousa, Koufonissi and Donoussa. We doubt it if many people have heard of it but it is there and waiting to be explored.

Kea is the island that you can easily reach departing from the port of Lavrio very close to the Temple of Poseidon. Beautiful, peaceful and still quite traditional.

Kimolos is just about a kilometre away from Milos. Kimolos can be reached by ferry from Piraeus or from Milos.

Koufonisia is a complex of 3 small islands. Pano Koufornissi or Koufonissi, Kato Koufonissi and Keros. Greeks and Italians love both Pano and Kato Koufonissi. Keros is an uninhabited island that visiting it is not allowed since it was a very important site of the Cycladic Civilization.

Kythnos lies between Kea and Serifos. Another island that you can easily reach when departing from the port of Lavrio. Lesser known but still beautiful and with a very long history.

Milos is the island of lovers and one of our most favourite islands of the Cyclades. I am sure we all know of the Venus de Milo that is at the Louvre and maybe also of Asclepius of Milos that is in the British Museum. Both remarkable works of art were found on the island.

Milos Island, Greece
Milos Island

Mykonos does not need special introductions. But if you are in Mykonos then you MUST visit Delos.

Mykonos © In Love with the Med
Little Venice in Mykonos

Naxos has been popular for Greeks as a family destination since a very long time ago. Naxos is ideal if you are looking for relaxation, nice beaches, lovely hotels and even better restaurants.

Paros has also been popular for Greeks for many many years. But in recent years Paros is also popular with European and International travellers.

Cyclades - Paros
Paros Island – Cyclades

Schoinousa is one of the lesser known islands and is located south of Naxos.

Serifos, according to the legend is where Danaë and her infant son Perseus washed ashore after her father Acrisius, in response to an oracle that his own grandson would kill him, set them adrift at sea in a wooden chest.

Sifnos lyes between Serifos and Milos. Easily reached by ferry from Piraeus. And yes this again is another of the lesser known Cyclades.

Sikinos was known as Oinoe, the island of Wine, in Ancient Greece. Another island that is not so much developed for tourists but worth being explored.

Syros is magical. A lively island all year long with over twenty thousand permanent residents. Ermoupoli (the town of Hermes) is not only the capital city of the island but also the capital of the Cyclades and South Aegean. Syros has a special charm and is definitely an ideal destination for everyone that wishes to enjoy Greek Island Life as a Greek would do.

Tinos is known to all Pilgrims around the world and is a very famous island within Greeks since on the island is found a very important monastery of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Thira is the official name of the island of Santorini. The island does not need any introductions at all.

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In the Cyclades, there are many more islands and islets. Mostly uninhabited. And if you want to explore them all, the only way is by sailing around.