Greece – The Region of Epirus for Archaeology Aficionados

Epirus is not only the land of Myths and Legends. The region of Epirus is full of archaeological sites that will please all lovers of ancient history.

Amongst the sites that should be visited when exploring the area according to our local team are:

In Ioannina Regional Unit:

Ancient Dodona in Dodoni.

Molossoi Settlement in Vitsa, Zagori Area.

Temple of Areios Zeus – Located 11 km west of Ioannina, near Rodotopi. On top of the same hill, a walled acropolis is also preserved.

Boila Rock Shelter – Is Located near the village Agios Minas in Zagori.

The castle of Ioannina

In Preveza Regional Unit:

Castle of Rogi – The castle of Rogi stands on a hill between the villages Nea Kerasounda and Petra in Preveza.

Nekromandio – The archaeological site of Nekromandio is in Mesopotamos, Preveza.

Nikopolis – Nikopolis is found in the suburbs of the city of Preveza. It was built by Octavian in 31 BCE to celebrate his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra in Aktion.

The castle of Parga

In Arta Regional Unit:

Orraon – Orraon was an ancient settlement built by the Kassopaei in the 4th century BCE in the western foot of Xirovouni, near the village of Ammotopos in Arta.

The bridge of Arta – The well-known bridge of Arta is west of the city, 1 km from the centre. It appears to be founded in the 3rd century BCE, by king Pyrros.

Temple of Pythios Apollo the Savior – This ancient temple (late archaic) is in the city of Arta, near Kilkis square.