Empathy – Morocco Boy!

This photo was shot by me whilst visiting a small village in southern Morocco.

By passing through the door of a straw and mud-built school place, I entered into the only classroom, where I had a revealing experience: The small group of students were drafting something on individual little chalkboards (blackboards) using chalk pens to write, and listening to their teacher’s instructions.

Morocco Boy by Fotini Maltezou
Morocco Boy by Fotini Maltezou

For a moment I felt as an intruder, an unexpected visitor who interrupted the learning process and violated the peaceful order.

It did not take long though, to establish some kind of communication. A very friendly interaction started with these local ambassadors, mostly through the language of eyes and signs.

At some point, I was asked if I had any spare pens with me to offer. I could only promise to send them some pens and notebooks, by post, as soon as I reach home.

As I was leaving the room, a bit later, this picture boy stood by the big wooden door outside, staring at me. He asked me for a little something, as well as to take a photo of him. His sight looked like the sight of a troubled adult man, puzzled with many responsibilities and concerns. It crossed my mind that this might be a warning sign of despair.

I can still see that sign of despair in his eyes every time I look at his picture.

Article & Photo © Fotini Maltezou