Wondering why Corfu is a better choice for your next holidays? One of our favourite answers through the years has been the description by the British Vice-Consul, John Fort, written back in 1963…

“Exotic scenery, magical colours, flaming sunsets, luxurious vegetation, a riot of radiant flowers and colourful blooms, centuries-old silver olive groves, glowing oranges, scented lemons, rich pergolas, sleepy lagoons, forgotten coves, bubbling springs, exciting caves, virgin beaches, golden sands, and pellucid turquoise emerald seas ­there is surely no other island in the whole universe to which these superlatives collectively apply…”

Corfu has a long history, culture, traditions! Corfu has music! And above all Corfu has the Corfiots that are really really special people. Welcoming, smiling, happy and with a special ‘craziness’ that only them amongst all Greeks are famous for.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

When to Visit: All Year

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