Behind the Scenes
Wondering who is behind the scenes of our travel blog? Well here is our story!

In Love with the Med is the result of the combined effort of a team of people that profoundly love the Mediterranean Region and its beautiful countries.

A team of wanderers and explorers that each one of them spends their time travelling and exploring their favourite Mediterranean destinations and then share their travels and experiences with us all with a single aspiration… to unfold what makes this region so unique and worth visiting and to reveal the best-kept secrets that mostly locals are aware of.

From ancient sites to beautiful modern towns… from mountains, lakes and rivers to islands, beaches and relaxation… from areas to visit local cuisines … and of course anything else that inspires them!

In Love with the Med and its bloggers have a single goal… to make you fall in love with the Mediterranean!

For us all no matter where we live, whenever we are in the Med it is like falling in love all over again. Our region… makes our hearts beat faster, makes our eyes savour every picture, makes new sounds in our ears, creates something new in our taste buds…

In Love with the Med is the successor of “Reveal Greece” that was launched in March 2010!