Athens – Where to Dine in and around the city…

Being in the capital Athens, with the Mediterranean (and therefore Greek) Diet ranking high up in the healthy list of the world’s cuisines, eating out is more than a pleasure. The best chefs and restaurateurs honour this tradition, using burstingly fresh and delicious local produce.

Athens - Where to Dine in and around the city. - Kasterlorizo, Varkiza, Athens
Kastelorizo in Varkiza

A Greek meal begins with starters: such as Greek salad, taramosalata, melintzanosalata, tzatziki, fried aubergines, fried or boiled courgettes, saganaki, cheese pie and spinach pie to name a few.

Balcony stis Kyklades
Balcony stis Kyklades

Then the main course is usually of meat, poultry or fish, all done on the charcoal grill. Or you can eat one of those traditional dishes like Moussaka that are known to all.

Kastelorizo in Varkiza

The meal always ends with fresh fruits and sweets like chalva, yoghurt with honey and walnuts, baklava, and kataifi.

Athens may be a capital city but thankfully it is not as big as it seems. So dining out, in or around Athens, is a delight for locals and visitors alike. And since the locals always know better, we invite you to follow their lead…

Places like Piraeus, Mikrolimano, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza are best when in the mood for seafood. After all, dining by the seaside, accompanied by the taste of fresh fish, is an impeccable

Athens - Where to Dine in and around the city - Kastelorizo Varkiza
Kastelorizo in Varkiza

Kifissia is the year-round hotspot place for gourmet cuisine. Here is the meeting point where friends can gather, start their evening with a drink, followed by a great meal and then enjoy a night clubbing.

Athens - Where to Dine in and around the city - Kastelorizo Kifissia
Kastelorizo in Kifissia

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