Athens – Shopping in the City Centre

No matter what your shopping style is, Athens will not disappoint you.

Are you looking for items of luxury, “treasures” from old times, works of art, materials for your own creations, leather goods and clothes? Here are some tips where you can find what…

For Luxury Lovers
Kolonaki is the perfect shopping spot with boutiques full of designer handbags, shoes, clothes, jewellery of top quality. After your shopping or in-between take a break and enjoy a meal or coffee in the famous and plentiful cafes and restaurants.

For Creative and Alternative Shoppers
Are you looking for new materials for your own use? Colourful beads, buttons, fabrics, new ideas, then visit chandradica (bead shops) and the handicraft shops in Lekka, Romvis, Leocharous, Praxitelous, Aiolou and Agiou Markou streets, the back streets around Karagiorgi Servias and Monastiraki where the shops stay open on Sundays.

For Vintage Admirers
The market places in Monastiraki and Psyri a nearby area are the ideal places. You can look and find vintage furniture, decorative items, clothes, shoes, bags, books, and many other items of interest. A cinematic feel of the scenery travels you through time.

For Art Enthusiasts
Greece is the homeland of great artists since ancient times. In Plaka shops, in the museums’ gift shops, and in shops spread around the areas of Monastiraki, Psyri, and Syntagma, you will find true copies of ancient art alongside with modern art influenced by the ancient Greek heritage.

For Jewelry Lovers
Beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings, designs inspired by the Ancient and Byzantine era, mainly in gold or silver, unique and of high quality are found in shops all over the city centre.

Souvenirs & Mementos
If you want a less expensive souvenir for a friend or family, not a bad idea to bye for them the “blue eye” which is sold nearly everywhere and protects from the “evil eye”!

Monastiraki, Athens
Photo © Carl Ottersen.All Rights Reserved

For Shoe Lovers
Shoes and handbags are sold in many shops as in every other city but in Athens, most visitors love to buy the handmade leather bags and sandals of top quality found mostly in shops in Plaka and Monastiraki.

For Ancient Greek Style Clothes Fans
Sold in Plaka shops in many designs, colours, and qualities. Ancient designs are reproduced with the ancient concept very vivid. Dresses. Kaftans, tops, mainly in cotton are perfect for a gift or to wear them during your stay as they are fresh, cool, impressive… perfect for summertime!