Athens – Kifissia, Elegant and Idyllic

North of Athens and named after the river Kifissos that runs below Penteli mountain that provided the marble for the Acropolis, Kifissia has long been a retreat for the rich and privileged. The Herodes Atticus of Odeon fame lived here, his money a magnet for many to settle nearby.

Kifissia © Nicholas VK
Kifissia © Nicholas VK

Kifissia retains much of this special character, elegant ambience and aristocratic leisure in an idyllic setting to this day. The luxurious wealth remained also, a district of summer villas and cottages where Athenians could live more comfortably during the hot summer months.

You will be amazed at the many restored and well preserved neoclassical buildings as you walk under the shade of secular trees.

Kifissia is a fine place to stay when visiting Athens since the surroundings are very pleasing. Well connected with public transport services to all parts of Attica including the airport we highly recommend this area of Attica as your base to be.

And in the centre of Kifissia, you will find anything your heart desires for fine dining, dining, entertainment and needless to say shopping.