Athens is an all Seasons Destination!

When is a good time to visit? Each season has its own special pleasure.

Autumn is a favourite for many people. It is one of the sunniest cities of the Mediterranean, but now the heat of high summer is tempered by lovely autumnal breezes. Occasional rainy days pull the temperature down in October and November, which makes city living fresher, but it is still possible to enjoy the sea.

Athens is an all seasons destination
Photo © Nicholas V.K. – All Rights Reserved.

Winter is a great time to experience Greece most tourists don’t see. Amongst the many sunny days are some cold ones and very rare snowfalls that create a magical feeling for the locals. Towards the end of November, a series of festivities announce the arrival of the most important holiday of the year, when the whole city dresses up – Christmas!

With the coming of Spring, Nature blossoms everywhere, even among the concrete buildings downtown. Tourists begin to arrive; the sights, monuments, museums and streets get busier. Ships heading out to the Aegean Islands depart more frequently and fuller as people get ready for the coming Easter break.

As for Summer, Athens is especially inviting even when the temperature is highest in July and August. In early July the hectic rhythm of a capital city begins to slow as the residents of Athens move their families to their summer houses and hometowns. When August arrives, Athens becomes magically tranquil, leaving the tourist with a strange sense of ‘privacy’. You can feel it in the air!

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