Are you planning a private event in Greece? A wedding, a birthday party…

Are you planning an event in Greece? A wedding, a birthday party, a special treat to your corporate execs, the perfect place for a coaching retreat? Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Something that you and everyone will enjoy to the moon? We do have such a place to share with you. A sanctuary! A private luxury villa located on the beautiful Cycladic island of Kea. A mega home ideal for the happy few. An island estate with lavish interiors and grand exteriors! A luxury villa with 7 master bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, sauna, hot tub, tennis court and lots of space for formal entertaining. And all that comes with endless views of the magical Aegean Sea.

Kea is as beautiful as all the other Cycladic islands but much more original and can be reached by boat from Athens. It is only one hour of sailing away if you board the local ferries and much less if you board on a private motor yacht chartered especially for your event.

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